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Oyo Assembly 2023: Questions That Beg For Answers On Ibadan North Constituency 1 Candidacy.

Can two people from the same constituency become candidates for the same position?

A home divided against itself won’t last long.

Will we continue to battle for ourselves, allowing others to make fun of us and profit from our flaws?

Should we be debating something that is obvious?

Is it not intended to serve?

Is there a problem with including women?

Is it appropriate for someone to be a sitting honorable, serve as the director general (DG) for the governor’s local election campaign, and then continue to run for office in the general elections?

Isn’t this act against the law; Misrepresentation to the general public as a candidate in the race to be voted for without having the party’s certificate of return and knowing that another candidate has it?

having supporters who are prepared to cause chaos and who are overtly carrying firearms when State Excos visit the local government

In all of these, the party’s candidate, Honourable Olufunke Comforter, remained said she unmoved, and unshakable. She said the party has spoken, and the people have shown their unwavering support for the woman with a golden heart and she in turn will continue to tow the path of peace till victory is assured for the party in the general elections at all levels.

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