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U.S Excludes Nigeria, 17 Others From 2025 Visa Lottery, Gives Reason

United States of America has said Nigeria and 17 other countries would not be benefitting from its Visa (DV) Lottery for 2025.

The DV programme is designed to provide a unique opportunity for nationals from countries with historically low immigration rates to the US.

It is also aimed at offering green cards to individuals from countries with low migration rates to the U.S.

However, For the DV2025 Visa Lottery, the United States has insisted that individuals from countries where more than 50,000 nationals have been sent to the United States in the past five years are ineligible to apply.

Below is a list of countries excluded on the US 2025 lottery scheme

1. Bangladesh

2. Brazil

3. Canada

4. China

5. Colombia

6. Dominica

7. El Salvador

8. Haiti

9. Honduras

10. India

11. Jamaica

12. Mexico

13. Nigeria

14. Pakistan

15. Philippines

16. South Korea

17. Venezuela

18. Vietnam

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