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APC, Folarin Stage Managed Defectors – Oyo NNPP Challenges Party To Publish Details Of Defectors

The All Progressives Congress (APC), according to the Oyo State chapter of the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP), is dishonest by nature and has started again to deceive the residents of Oyo State by acting as though it is relevant.

Recall that at the launch of the governorship campaign in Oyo town, the APC made the announcement that over 3,000 NNPP members had defected to the party to join the APC.

The said announcement was bogus, according to Oyo NNPP, and it was concocted to give the party unwarranted prominence and popularity, which it did not deserve.

This is said in a statement made accessible to journalists and acquired by that was signed by Mr. Femi Olaitan Hero, the Oyo state NNPP publicity secretary.

Femi Hero claimed that APC made up the lies that were being spread in public and that sadly, they were being believed by the good citizens of the State who had long since had enough of it.

The party claimed that the APC’s claim that 3,000 NNPP members switched parties during their campaign was false and a ploy because none of the members of the party, which is currently popular in Oyo State, joined it.

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Speaking further, NNPP said, It is rather sad that the APC which has always been dwelling in deceit could still condescend so low now, at a period when it ought to be sober to still keep on fabricating lies to gain the support of the people of Oyo State, who are now comfortable finding solace in the New Nigerian People’s Party, ready to make a change in the delivery of dividend of democracy to the people of our great State, who are already fed up with the old order.

NNPP said, what the APC and its gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State did was “an indication that the party would never stop being fake and deceitful because all the people said to have joined them, from the NNPP are not and have never been members of the party, said that the APC stage-manage the defection, therefore challenge them that the party is morally bankrupt and without integrity to have come up with such blatant lies’. ”

According to Femi Olaitan Hero, NNPP explained that neither the APC nor its governorship candidate is needed or an option for the people of Oyo state because the combination means failure to the masses.

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The Oyo NNPP said “ It is high time the governorship candidate of All Progressive Congress ( APC ), Senator Teslim Folarin, and his party stop aiming what they did not achieve and should also stop using the NNPP to score cheap points, knowing fully well, that the focus of the people, now in Oyo State, is on a different order and now found in the NNPP, his governorship candidate, Engineer Pooola Olukayode Joshua, a decent and highly disciplined politician in the race to serve the people, and the leadership of the party Alhaji Abdul Rasheed Adebisi Olopoenia, known to be a crowd and grassroots mobilizer.

” The misinformation fed to the people of Oyo State by the APC was an indication that they were just chasing shadows.

” The truth is, no member of the New Nigeria People’s Party ( NNPP ) was there at their Jankara flag-off in Oyo town on Monday.

No serious-minded person would join or want to associate with people who have no integrity to uphold, according to our members, who are devoted to the party.

Therefore, the APC’s dishonest inclinations have caused a dilemma for them and their governorship candidate, which is reason enough for them to flee. With us, our members can have anything they want.

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“APC has lost the 2023 elections from the start of their primary elections, the party has sent out trusted and popular candidates and all the jamboree preparation is of no need. Today in Oyo state politics, nobody is going to feel satisfied to join or campaign for an undemocratic party like APC, which is already a discredited party with its leaders and members.

” We repeat, those put up on stage as decampees, were never members of NNPP which is verifiable.

NNPP thereafter challenged the Oyo APC to publish the list of the names of the defectors, Local government, Wards, and the positions they were holding while in NNPP.

The party said, its governorship candidate and leaders were presently busy relating with voters, while it is unfortunate for APC and its governorship candidate to gather somewhere stage-managing defections.

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