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Accord Senatorial Candidate, Kola Daisi, Decries Infrastructural Decay In Ibarapa • To Begin Developmental Projects

Oloye Kolapo Kola-Daisi, the Accord’s senatorial candidate in the 2023 elections for Oyo South, has promised that Accord government, if elected to power in the state next year, the Ibarapa zone of the senatorial district will no longer be neglected in terms of development.

At the conclusion of a one-week consultation and needs assessment visit of the entire Ibarapa region, he revealed this to reporters while stating that the district’s lackluster level of infrastructure and human development is “saddening” and needs to be improved.

He opened his remarks with gratitude, “I am grateful to the great people of Ibarapa land for the warm and enthusiastic reception given to me and my team during our visit to all the Ibarapa mejeeje. From Eruwa, to Lanlate, Igbo-Ora to Idere, Ayete to Tapa and Igangan, including all the communities and societies that make up this great land, we felt the love and acceptance so well”.

“It was a consultative tour and our goal was clear; to interact directly with the people and deepen my relationship with them. It is the only way I believe representation can be rightfully done. We have to really know the people we intend to serve and that is why a close relationship is important”

He continued to lament the appalling state of development in the area, saying that electorates’ decision to cease rewarding incompetence is the only surefire method to preclude such a situation from occurring in the near future.

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“I am appalled at the abysmal level of development in the entire Ibarapa region, both infrastructural and people development is at a level that just saddens. This is my sixth visit here over a period of months and from all the over 200 groups, associations, traditional councils and religious bodies that we met during this current visit, the complain about the lack of development has been a constant. It is a sorry situation clear even to a blind eye”.

He continued, “I don’t understand how a region this critical will suffer so much neglect despite having a government elected to serve. No roads, no electricity, no water system, the classes are in a sorry state, the traders and small businesses have no support, it’s just sad to learn about what people have to do to keep up”.

“As a proponent for performance-driven politics, I have assured the people of Ibarapa that this won’t continue under Accord’s government. Our party is driven by two major ideals – competence and genuine love for the people – with these two, you can’t miss it. This is how I know development is set to come to the people and towns of Ibarapa as I’ve been repeatedly assured of their total support. The development will be rapid, and it will be befitting”, Kola-Daisi submitted.

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He continued by saying that he has given his team the go-ahead to start certain developmental projects to mitigate the effects of neglect in some of these villages, and he pledged his complete dedication to keeping the commitments he made to the people during the meetings.

Alhaji Ajiboye, a party chieftain in Ibarapa East, highlighted that this was the first time a candidate from a party had taken the time to spend days talking with Ibarapa electorates in order to completely grasp their requirements from one community to the next.

“This is the first time this is happening. A politician who decided to come here, stay here, sleep here for days in order to listen to us very well and fully understand our needs and challenges, it is very rare and we totally appreciate KKD. This is why his reception and acceptance here is resounding”.

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A major highlight of Kola-Daisi’s visit to Ibarapa land that also points to his acceptance therein was his conferment as the Mayegun of Tapa Land, and his wife as Yeye Mayegun of Tapa Land, by the His Royal Majesty, Oba Titiloye Oyekanmi Owolabi Sunday, Abioje 1, the Elempe of Tapa Land. According to another chieftain of the party in Tapa, Pa Oketobo, the chieftaincy title conferred on Kola-Daisi not only makes him become a bona fide son of Ibarapa land, but also serves as additional proof of the overwhelming acceptance he enjoys across Ibarapa leading up to the 2023 elections.

During his visit, Oloye Kolapo Kola-Daisi also received a ton of supporters and defectors into the Accord from other parties in each of the towns, the most notable of whom is Hon. Rafiu Ojegoke, an Ibarapa G9 member and APC stalwart.

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