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Sanction Israel For Violating Humanitarian Law – Islamic Organizations Tell UN

A coalition of Islamic organizations in collaboration with the Muslim Community, Oyo State have called on the United Nations to sanction Israel for violating humanitarian law regarding its onslaught against the defenseless Palestinians.

They made the call during a peaceful rally in Ibadan to express their displeasure with the inaction of the world body to bombardment of Palestine by Israel and its allies.

The coalition comprising the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, MSSN, NACOMYO, The Muslim Congress, TMC, Jama’atu Ta’awunul Muslimeen, Jama’atu Tadhomunul Muslimeen, among others converged on the Central mosque, Oja’ ba, Ibadan displaying placards with various inscriptions such as “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea”, “Oh Allah Assist the Palestinians

One of the protest organizers, Director, Institute of Human Heritage, Barrister Abdurasheed Atta lamented that the cut off of food, water, light and other aids to Palestinians is a grievous crime against humanity, which is condemnable in strong terms.

Barrister Atta also advocated boycott of Israeli products and patronage of the country for tourism.

The Chief Missioner, Muslim Community Oyo State, Dr Daud Amoo-Alaga, who explained that it was necessary for Muslims to always pray for restoration of peace for the suffering Palestinians.

While leading the gathering on special prayers for the Palestine, Dr Amoo-Alaga affirmed that the Qudus mosque in the country is an Islamic heritage, which must be protected by all.

According to him, Al-aqsa Mosque in Palestine is the third sacred mosque and a point of convergence of humanity on the day of reckoning.

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