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Oyo PDP Knocks APC Guber Candidate, Folarin Over Comments On Olaniyan’s Impeachment

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state has reacted to a statement recently released by the APC governorship candidate in the state, Senator Teslim Folarin on the impeachment of the former governor, Rauf Olaniyan.

The PDP in its reaction through a press release on Wednesday by its media secretary, Hon. Akeem Olatunji said Folarin’s earlier comments on the removal of Engr Olaniyan was reckless boasting saying Folarin was part of the most notorious, controversial, illegal and eventually nullified impeachment in the history of Oyo state in 2006.

The party said Senator Folarin’s role in the nullified 2006 impeachment has perpetually placed the senator on the wrong side of history and posterity will continue to hold him to account because of the grave impact the illegality has had on the political landscape of Oyo state.

The statement reads in part:

“It is not only sad but also unfortunate that someone holding such public office as senator of the federal republic of Nigeria could use his political naivety, ignorance, and sheer brazen disregard for history, reduce the highly respected office of a senator.

“Do we have to keep reminding this Senator Of how he and his cohorts in 2006 supported the worst, most notorious, illegal and eventually nullified impeachment in the anal of Oyo state history? it is just 2006 and he and his likes in the Oyo state APC are already feigning short mindedness about the political brigandage, rascality and recklessness they participated in that has had grave negative impacts on development of our political landscape?

“Folarin in his desperation to become governor will easily jump on anything anywhere that is readily against the present government and also acting like someone with respect for decorous political conducts, good conduct and character. The world know him for exactly who he is, which earned him the popular nickname as ‘Mr jagba’ which translates forceful snatch of what doesn’t belong to you

“In a more saner society, such a man may only be able to earn himself a career in the comedy business. Certainly not in a serious business as either lawmaking or governance. He is a misfit and can do anything just to get political power by every means possible.”

“The pulse around town since the entire process of impeachment lasted, was that of a maximum backing of the people with whom ultimate power to give mandate lies. In fact, the removal of the former deputy governor, Rauf Olaniyan from office following established impeachable offenses against him, can pass as the most peaceful and rancour free in the history of Nigeria.

“In 2006 when a very popular former governor was illegally impeached with the support from the likes of Folarin, the entire state was thrown into darkness, an era we pray never to witness again in our collective history. That era witnessed the most horrendous period of brazen illegality, political rascality, and brigandage, and so unfortunately, it still such a man like Folarin that’s speaking in public.

“Folarin, a politically empty individual has been the a man that can safely pass as the most opportunistic politician of this era. The first two times he served in the Senate was entirely on late baba Adedibu’s sole support. His current place in the Senate was purely a product of the Buhari tsunami which every serious politician in the state can attest to so, we urge Folarin and his likes to continue in that self delusion till we hit the polls in 2023, it’ll be like APC didn’t even participate at all.” The PDP stated

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