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Nigeria At 63: ‘It Is Not Too Late To Rise Again’- Hassan Giwa

The founder of Hassan Olawale Giwa (HOG) Foundation, Arc (Dr.) Hassan Giwa has congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 63rd year Independence Day anniversary.

The Asiwaju Adini Musulumi of Ibadan Land, in his message to the leaders and Nigerians at large, said that it is not too late for Nigeria to wake up from the slumber through genuine intention, dedication and commitment to address series of challenges confronting it.

Arc Hassan Giwa disclosed that Nigeria is a country full of prospects, possibilities and opportunities to be great among committee of nations, however, left with its leaders to take the advantage to make it rise again.

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The HOG founder noted that this time is mot a period for sober reflection alone, rather is a period to walk the talk and back every promise with action.

He challenged all political officer holders to show more commitment in the fight against poverty, insecurity and youth unemployment and see what results will be after some years.

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“We have deliberated a lot, we have planned a lot still there is no result. We can’t continue in old ways and expect new results. I believe Nigeria can rise again if our leaders can back all their promises with actions. And all actions must be backed up with genuine intentions.

“Let all political office holders show seriousness in the fight against poverty, insecurity and youth unemployment. Let them go to their wards to share palliative to address issue of hunger, to engage unemployed youths and see what results will be on insecurity.

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“I believe there are better approaches to coordinate the sharing of palliative than the approach adopted now that will be more successful and give better results.

“Let all councilors, chairmen, House of Assembly members, House of Representatives members and Senators go back to their roots, to the people who voted for them with intention of supporting the President and governors to address poverty.

“It is time for sober reflection truly, time engage in more prayers, but it is still time to back them up with commitment, dedication and actions. Nigeria is a country with a lot of prospects, possibilities and opportunities and if our leaders can capitalize on these potentials, our country will be a great country among committee of nations.

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“I want to call on Nigerians to continue with their unalloyed support, cooperation and timely prayers for the leadership and authorities, and hope that this country of our, Nigeria, shall rise again.

“Happy independence Day celebration,” Arc Hassan Giwa said.

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