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SDP in Ekiti, APC in Lagos, PDP in Abuja, You’re Inconsistent – Group Carpets politician

Progressive youths operating under the auspices of the Ekiti Oke Youth Solidarity Forum (EOYSF) on Wednesday criticized recent media comments attributed to Mr. Bimbo Daramola, a former representative for the Oye/Ikole Federal Constituency, who claimed to have defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state due to alleged injustice, imposition, lack of coordination, and unfair play.

They called his comments the height of hypocrisy and a manifestation of selfishness.

The group also referred to Daramola as having a contradictory and unreliable personality, charging that he is currently an SDP member in Ekiti, an APC member in Lagos State, and also socializing with the PDP in Abuja, stating that this is against the fundamental values of humanity.

Daramola had defected and registered as a member of the SDP at Ward 2, Ire Ekiti, Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

Addressing his supporters, Daramola noted that his defection to the SDP was not an ill-conceived political move.

The former lawmaker had said: “What I am doing is not a mistake and it’s not a guess work, it’s a well thought out plan.”

But the Ekiti Youth Solidarity Forum, in a statement by its Coordinator, Ms Aderonke Olufemi, said the former House of Rep member lacks every moral right to speak against imposition, injustice and lack of fair play in the APC as he claimed because his utterance connotes a condemnation of the process that earned him the tickets of the same party in 2007, 2011 and 2015 general elections respectively.

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The statement reads: “We have watched with dismay, the vituperations of Mr. Bimbo Daramola wherein he claimed to have left the APC because of lack of fair play, injustice and imposition of candidate. We are of the opinion that Mr. Daramola forgot the meaning of injustice when he was made the candidate of APC in 2007, or he forgot the meaning of imposition when he was made the candidate of APC in 2011, or he forgot the meaning of lack of fair play when he was made the candidate of APC in 2015 general elections.

“The APC and by extension, Governor Kayode Fayemi, became Bimbo Daramola’s enemies when he could not flag the ticket of the party in 2019 general elections. And when he knew the atrocities, he had committed against the party that gave him a platform till date could deny him the ticket of the party for 2023 general elections, he cross-carpeted into the SDP before the last Governorship election.

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“Regardless of his previous contributions to the party, we want to state very expressly that Bimbo Daramola has been fairly and adequately compensated by the APC having been given opportunities to flag the party ticket for three consecutive time in the past. He should stop behaving as if the House of Representatives Ticket of Oye/Ikole Federal Constituency is his inheritance, and as if he is the only person who has served the party meritoriously in the past.

“May we remind Mr. Daramola that three people contested for the primaries of the APC before the 2023 candidate of the party could emerge in Oye/Ikole Federal Constituency but since his reason for leaving the APC was because of imposition and injustice, we want to ask him to tell the general public where the primaries that produced him as the SDP House of Representatives Candidate for Oye/Ikole Federal Constituency was conducted?

“Our advice to Mr. Daramola is to face his campaign squarely and stop exhibiting pettiness and hatred against the people he betrayed their trust. Mr. Daramola should rewind, re-tool, re-invent and do a soul-searching of how he got it wrong in his political odyssey and stop blaming innocent people for his disappeared political relevance in Ekiti State.

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“Mr. Daramola was actually caught in the web of eating his cake and wanting to have it back. Mr. Bimbo Daramola, against the universal principle of honour and integrity, is today a member of the SDP in Ekiti State, APC in Lagos State and PDP in Abuja.

“In 2019, Mr. Daramola shows how desperate he is when he prevented Hon. Peter Owolabi from Ikole Local Government who won the House of Representatives elections for Oye/Ikole Federal Constituency from being sworn in through a kangaroo judgement of Abuja High Court that he procured. The action of Mr. Daramola denied Hon. Owolabi the opportunity of being allotted a worthwhile oversight committee in the parliament. We have also not forgotten how Hon. Bimbo Daramola and other SDP chieftains invaded Oye-Ekiti with thugs during the campaign for June 18th 2022 Governorship Election in our state leading to the death of two people.

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