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Popular Nigerian Gospel Artist Survives Fatal Accident (PHOTO)

On his journey to Oyo State on Saturday, gospel artist Dunsin Oyekan was engaged in a horrifying car accident.

The incident happened when he was traveling from Lagos to Ibadan, Oyo State, for a church service.

It was learned that one crew member had minor wounds, but everyone was okay.

Dunsin recalled the incident while giving a sermon at a church on Saturday night. He claimed that after taking a nap, he awoke to find the jeep tucked under a trailer.

“The devil tried everything not to make me come here today. If you saw the accident scene that I came out of you can never believe that I walked out alive.

“To think we were coming here, and I said let me sleep a bit so that I can be refreshed for the meeting and the next thing. I just knew we were somewhere, and the jeep had gone under the trailer.

“Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, If you are looking for a miracle, this is a miracle standing here,” he added

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