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Everlasting Love? Couple Found Locked Together In Grave

In a tomb in Ukraine, a 3,000-year-old couple was discovered locked in a passionate embrace.

Archaeologists think the woman voluntarily chose to be buried alive so she might travel with her husband to the afterlife.

According to autopsy experts, if the woman had already passed away, it would not have been feasible to position her body in such a compassionate manner.

The specialists believe that the woman most likely opted to pass away and be buried next to her spouse.

They suspect that as she climbed into the grave and hugged her newly deceased partner, she may have drank poison.

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The unusual burial showed the couple, who had been in a permanent state of love since the Bronze Age.

The pair, which belonged to the ancient Vysotskaya (or Wysocko) Culture, was discovered close to Petrykiv hamlet in western Ukraine, south of Ternopil.

“It is a unique burial, a man and a woman lying there, clutching one other close,” said Professor Mykola Bandrivsky, who studied “love couple graves.”

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Their foreheads were in contact and both faces were fixed on the other.

The woman was hugging the man affectionately while lying on his back with her right arm, which was resting on his right shoulder.

The woman was resting on top of the men’s stretched legs with her legs bent at the knees.

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Both of the dead people had bronze ornaments on their clothing, and three bailers, a bowl, and a jar were found close to their heads.

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