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Abass Oloko, A Collosal Failure – Ward 4 Ibadan SE PDP Stakeholders Reacts

Our attention has been drawn to an undignified article titled “Oloko: Our Councillorship Candidate- Party Leaders.” The question that begs for answer is that who are the supposed party leaders in ward 4 Ibadan southeast Local government that have lost their birthright to an irrelevant self acclaimed leader called Alhaji Abass Oloko?

It is pertinent to put the record straight, the people who came out enmasse to disgrace, embarrass and molest Alhaji Abass Oloko on that fateful day over his desperate attempt to impose his son are majorly aged women, youths and loyal party members in their hundred as against the mentioned agent of darkness whose political affinity are tied to monetary inducement.

Anisere, the Ward Chairman, who claimed to have endorsed the rejected Usman Oloko was the presiding officer of the internal primary election organised by all the stakeholders in the ward.( Attached herewith are the pictures, list of executive and stakeholders that signed, as well as the video declaration of the exercise).

However, of what significant is the relevance and importance of Jimoh Adekunle against prominent party members of the ward who have contributed immensely to the success recorded in the ward ?. It is trite to state that democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, and as such, the people have spoken against the reckless imposition of the candidature of Usman Oloko by his father. Any attempt to subvert the will of the people is an invitation to destroy the party in our beloved ward.

We have equally been inundated with a lie from the pit of hell that Abass Oloko is a financial of the party. Who has he financed? What has been his financial contribution to ward 4 since 1999? We challenge him to tell the world in his reply. He is so selfish to the extent that benefits accrued to him in politics over the years haven’t been extended whatsoever to the good people of ward 4. He had been appointed as Vice Chairman of Pilgrimage Board and Tourism Board respectively, let him come out to identify any ward 4 member(s) that has benefited from him.

He should be bold enough to tell us whether he has for once in his life time give out any material or monetary gift to the good people of ward 4 at least during festive period except the 5,000 he was giving out to people to vote against the re-election of His Excellency, Engr Oluwaseyi Makinde courtesy of the opposition candidate .

Perhaps, Abass Oloko does not understand the attribute and disposition of a leader in any political settings to his people and constituency.That is why we usually get it wrong in our nascent democratic system particularly in Oyo State and Nigeria by extension, power and leadership should be bestowed not only to the qualified but altruistic leaders that can uplift and promote even development of their society and not selfish and egocentric individual who always use the public fund and leadership benefits for themselves and their nuclear family. There is no deny in the fact that illiteracy is a disease, neither Oloko nor Jimoh Adekunle is educated enough to understand the literary meaning of the word majority, the claim that Usman Oloko has been endorsed by majority is a mere figment of imagination of the writer and not a true reflection of the trend in the ward. No reasonable party member whose medulla oblaganta is not malfunctioning would support any form of undemocratic principle and imposition of Abass Oloko.

Conclusively, the baseless lies that Abass Oloko canvassed and voted for His Excellency Engr. Oluseyi Makinde during the last gubernatorial election is within the public domain. He outrightly canvassed and voted for the opposition party premised on financial inducement and lack of contentment. He was actually begging people and giving them 5,000 to vote for opposition party on the day of governorship election.There are enormous witnesses to that effect. We urge Oloko to burry his head in shame as he is not worthy to be referred to as a leader in our ward. An opinion sampling about the political precedent and antecedent via-a-vis dividend of democracy to the good people of ward 4 will definitely reveal that Alhaji Abass Oloko is a colossal failure.

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